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Vedavid is an Indological research resource. It is strongly recommended that you review the overview and how the site operates, as Vedavid presents a massive database which can be quickly bewildering. the overview is short, and summarily linked, with access to all points noted below, and more via "Site Links." If you've been here before, or are the type to never ask directions, then you may as well venture directly into the site's research resources currently available:

Instructions & working examples for using this site.
Quick & annotated links to the Intern et's best Indological Resources
Discussion of Vedic accent in the Shatapatha
Technical resources for IBM, Mac, and WWW Indol ogical work
Online keys to rules for electronic citation, e-texts, and bibliographies
All cross-references between the Shatapatha and the Rig Veda
Instructions for using Van Nooten & Holland's e-text of the RV for IBM or Mac

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Vedavid was created--and continues to be updated--as a demonstration and repository of my research for a dissertation on the early developments of the terminology for the self in Vedic South Asia. Vedavid contains over 850 files, with over 6,000 links, filling some 12mb of space (with kind thanks to the indulgence of my server). As above, I suggest you first review how the site operates, then look below. There are also some less technical areas, designed for your enjoyment and general interest. The following resources from my research as well as some for general interest are currently included:

Sketch overview for the passing surfer
Introduction to the research database & its principles
General introduction to this innovation of HTML as research tool
Conspectus of citations for uses of "se lf terminology" in the RV
RV in 7-bit ASCII enabling passage-to-passage study of word use
Standard bio data
Special thank you to some of the many who've helped along the way. This list has new additions, and each person on it has played a vital role in the creations, improvement, and maintenan ce not only of this site, but of my dissertation work as well.
Two unformatted collections of links where the terms under study intersect in the RV:
"Self" & "Body" words
"Mind" & "Thought" words
Overview of Dissertation
Three-dimensional, interractive Agnihotra Vedi, with links to the Shatapatha, and discussion of the micro (specifically, self)- and macro-cosmic significance of the ritual & it's sp ace. This link explains it quickly, then the download is 5-20 minutes.

As you might expect, comments are welcome:atman@vedavid.org

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