The Developing Terminology for the Self in Vedic India

Dissertation Overview

Parameters of Study
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Texts & Terminology
Chapter Three
Early Vedic
Chapter Four
Rig Veda 2-7
Chapter Five
Rig Veda 1 & 8
Chapter Six
Rig Veda 9-10
Middle & Later Vedic
Chapter Seven
Rig Veda Khilaani
Chapter Eight
Black Yajur Veda
Chapter Nine
White Yajur Veda
Chapter Ten
AAraNyaka's & UpaniSads

This dissertation is being uploaded in portions under password control for various reasons. The foremost being the necessity of dissertation as a work previously unpublished. The next being simple concern for copyright.

The study uses HTML to surve a wide pool of terms associated with the self in the earliest known texts of ancient India. Rather than looking at the view of Vedaanta or the UpaniSads only, this study seeks the earliest known uses of the terms, before the commentaries. I am looking for the meaning of the terms in relation to each other and in relation to less ambiguous terminology.

You may apply for access under the survey, or read more in the general discussion of this site, or read the longer general-interest abstract. The study is an effort to do a previously impossible level of detailed analysis of some 18 words across 3 major texts-- texts which amount to over 10 megabytes of unformatted data--or, some 7 feet of shelf space.

Each text has been read line-by-line with an eye to identifying each term. Once an occasion is found, this is marked or "tagged" and link is made to the next such occasion of the term. The added advantage is that--as in the Rig Veda--when a text is "composed" in a different order, historically, than its actual "layout", the terms can still be studied in "historical" order with HTML marking of this kind. See a sample with any word by going here, or see how the subsequent analysis of data sorts itself according historical sequence by clicking here.
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