This page credits the various contributors to this site. Contributions take many forms, some of which cannot be adequately communicated even in the media of the web. But, it's still a frontier, and these people have variously outfitted this "pioneering wagon," escorted it through raging rapids, or--in so many ways--just been there.

Dean Les Sims of The University of Iowa Graduate College, for two Fellowships allowing more time for this work. For recognizing the potential of this project before it was even online, the President of The University of Iowa, Mary Sue Coleman
Jay Semel, for his steadfast encouragement, academic and avuncular wisdom, allowing me to tweak my dissertation on the Obermann Center computers, and general positive presence throughout this work and the subsequent develops after the Ph.D., he is the Director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
For his work on my dissertation committee and general encouragement, Wales Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University, Michael Witzel. For generous use of the electronic Aufrecht Version of the Rig Veda, from the Harvard Oriental Series' #50, The Rig Veda: A Metrically Restored Text, Barend Van Nooten and Gary Holland. For developing a truly useful font for transliterated, accented romanized Sanskrit, Madhav Deshpande:

Madhav Deshpande

Winfred Lehmann, his assistant Susan Chapman, and his collaborator H. S. Ananthanarayana for their visionary work encoding texts in 1971, and Dr. Chapman for unearthing their work. Everyone, especially Russell and Alane at, now Uaqa--for help solving the endless labrynth of image map linking, helping explain new resources, being available to panic phone calls at odd hours John Barker for his help with sound processing and general encouragement. Check out his cutting-edge radio resource site.
And for an amazing range of support resources, my Family and Friends. My Sister's family and my parents (see Dale link above) for helping lasso the elusive SiteMill for me which was essential for the first upload of the 13,000 odd database links I had built