Undoubtably, the significations of Agni in any ritual context are abundant. A few from the passages of the ZB specific to this yajña are noted below:

ZB is a direct association of Agni with the breath in context of other divine and cosmic relations.

ZB presents the oblations of the Agnyaadhaana, offering a discussion of the gods' defense against the Asuras by the placing of this agnyaadheya in their antaraatman.. This is then related to the symbology of the breaths.

ZB offers varying significations, beginning with stories of VaruNa and then TvaSTR, creation of creatures, in the Punaraadheya or re-establishment of the fires for various contingencies-- illness, &c.

ZB concerns Agni's ownership of the sacrifice, and the protection afforded by maintenance of the fires.

ZB again, determining who can partake of the offerings, the significations of each, and another lead-in to notions of self.

ZB descibes the significations of the fire in its stages of kindling--e.g. as smoke it is Rudra, then when brightly, VaruNa, &c.

ZB continues the mythology of the fire, its significations viz. the sun, death, and a complete life-time of one's "body" or tanuu, and again, of course, the breaths.

ZB the identity of the fire is further extended to Prajaapati and the year.

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