History of Vedavid Website Iterations
Covering 1996-2010

Vedavid was created as part of my research on 15 or so terms related to the notion of the self in the Rig Veda. It has gone through many iterations, often reflecting my excitement with new HTML gizmos like backgrounds, frames, javascript and so forth. Thumbnails below trace this chronology with reasonable accuracy. The paintings and photos are my own.

You can see where I pulled back from technical gizmos in response to some Luddite concerns by some on my committee that my immersion in technology would replace good academic methodology. Clicking on each will launch you into the navigation of the site as it was then, aside from having cleaned up most, if not all, the pages for this relaunch. The World Sanskrit Conference page was never a homepage, but it was a major hallmark for this site's success when that presentation occurred.

It was George Landow, whose new book at the time in 1994-1995 "Hyper/Text/Theory" had profound influence on my intellectual engagement with the internet as a medium for research and publication. His work gave vital academic credence to the role of internet technology as a viable, defensible tool for scholarship. It was also George who weighed in with a letter of recommendation for my Graduate College funding at a critical interval, and he as well who impressed on me the academic/literary value of keeping site interations and layers - palimpsest - in place.

First Homepage,
summer 1996

Slightly revised homepage,
September 21, 1996

1st Frames Homepage,
December 5, 1996

More Tame Homepage,
Winter, 1997

Academic Homepage,
Spring, 1997

Return to Frames,
October 2, 1997

Xth World Sanskrit Conference
Presentation Home, 12/96

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