A special note of tribute is due to the original encoders of this text (Shatapatha BrAhmaNa) and that of the Rig Veda. In 1971, word processing hardly meant more than the back-space key - still a revolutionary innovation. But to encode a non-roman script text, of over 1.5mb of material (in 7-bit ASCII only!!), is almost unimaginable. It was a project for which desk-top technology to access it was not to be available for at least 20 years. in addition, accent was preserved in their text - something which has only recently been addressed on the internet! The project was carried out by Dr. H.S. Ananthanarayana under the direction of Dr. W.P. Lehmann, with partial support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This (ZB) text was painstakingly retrieved for me by Dr. Lehmann's assitant, Susan Chapman. Any information on how this text was ever used in the decades immediately after its encoding is welcome