Barend Van Nooten and Gary Holland's Rig Veda: A Metrically Restored Text with an Introduction and Notes can be obtained by contacting (this link will be made more direct): Harvard University Press

Converting this text to Mac or DOS seems a bit forbidding at first, but it's quite easy (Revised site note 1/24/10: well, a lot easier now ... I recommend BBEdit for the Mac - and go from there ... ). You can also contact Michael Witzel, the editor, for additional information or access to an e-text of Aufrecht's RV as scholar-ware. To convert it, I've included instructions.

Madhav Deshpande's font, ManjushreeCSX, compatible with LaTeX conversion formats, and MacIntosh word-processors in general, can be acquired by contacting its designer at the following e-mail:

Madhav Despande

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