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And now, the introduction to the links. I have chosen the following words at the bottom of this page. Each is linked to its first occurence in RV 2- or wherever it first occurs. This follows the accepted historical order of the RV maNDala's by age, with 2-7 being the earliest. Review the instructions to maximize this resource. You can also find occurences in teh rest of the RV by clicking below.

You can also search the Vedavid Database by individual braahmaNa in the ShB, or search for each RV hymn used in the ShB.

In addition, from the , I have linked all citations from the RV, via the notations to the Vaajasaneyii SaMhitaa. These are linked to the critical study images of RV pages described below. If the flow of one word instance to another in the ITRANS is broken, come to this page to continue--and make a note, please, to

From there, you may follow it through the ITRANS word search, branch off when another word turns up and follow it, and at any time jump to a view of the text with accent and diacritics, thanks to Barend Van Nooten and Gary Holland & the Harvard Oriental Series. Also a shareware version of Aufrecht's RV, requiring conversion, at Michael Witzel's homepage.

Each occasion of the words below is sequentually linked, with the various large maNDala text files connected. Cross links to Aufrechts are available for each sequence of cited words. Multiple occurences in one region are emboldened to save bandwidth from unessential or obvious links. The text uses capital letters to indicate vowels and retroflex consonants as well as visarga and anusvAra. You may also review cases where the terms below intersect, and where they intersect with -dhii, -budh, -man, and -cit.

You can review a general-audience proposal from the grant, or await upload of Chapter 1, the methodology, or proceed directly with the words below. Icon links are also below. No graphics? Well, you still can check the word search as it's in ITRANS. Of course, the images of the RV with accent will not be available, but the SB links from those RV image pages will be.






Review occasions where
these words are found
adjacent to each other
Review occasions where
these words are found
with -cid, -dhii, -budh, and -man







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