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This graphic image of the e-text of Aufrecht's RV is available thanks to the diligence in work and kind permission of Barend Van Nooten and Gary B. Holland from Harvard Oriental Series #50: Rig Veda: A Metrically Restored Text with an Introduction and Notes, HOS, 1994. Copyright is reserved to the Harvard Oriental Series, and one copy of the text above may be made for research purposes only. The set includes an IBM disk with e-versions of both the Aufrecht RV--as section of which, translated to Macintosh format is shown above (for how to use Dr. Van Nooten's text, for IBM or Mac, as well as ordering information, click here)--and a metric restoration of the text. The printed volume contains the metrically restored text with notes. No further reproduction may be made of this graphic image of the electronic text.

In addition, the font in which this page is displayed is Manjushree CSX, created by Madhav Deshpande for the MacIntosh. It allows accenting of many kinds for the varieties of Vedic accent and gives unparalleled screen images and sound print quality. For web work, it is hard to beat. For further information on how to obtain this font, click here.

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