XML Documents
and Related files

This is a set of links to files and documents related to XML which I've been writing and putting together. The page is basically a place-holder (because I'm busy writing/researching/testing the stuff it points to!) so I can put stuff up for people to access, so nothin' pretty yet. Actually, the code for this page isn't even well-formed!

Digital Alchemy/XML and ETD's
Paper for Annual Meeting 1999
Modern Language Association
Sample Rig Veda
in XML with XSL/T Scripts

Created for
Int'l Journal of Tantric Studies
Mac and Windows
Support files
for *forthcoming* XSL/T and
Vedic Research article In EJVS
Tools available here too
XML and Libraries
Short introduction for
Non-technical readers
Vedic Dissertation
Not actually in XML yet,
but it's how I got started
Other XMLstuff, X-gospel of Luke,
including Electronic Thesis
and Dissertation XML ETD
Z39.50 Summary Report
Introduction to Z39.50 and viz. XML
Information links
Z39.50 and Databases
Summary of features
Over 12 systems, with links
Simple way to get XT and scripts running on Mac and Windows for the non-Unix guru/non-programmer TEI in XML Encoding Guide for Academic Journals Z39.50 Presentation
Uses in major libraries
Inmages link to live sites,
Use "Next" links at bottom to proceed

NOTE: All XSL/T files are designed for work with James Clark's XT. On Mac, this means you need Apple's MRJ SDK 2.1, Clarks XT, and Clark's XP (placed in your JBindery folder, with all the included scripts below, with XT and XP in their own folders within JBindery's, labelled "xt" and "xp" respectively, lower case). You can find the MRJ 2.1 SDK (MacIntosh Runtime for Java Software Development Kit) for free at http://developer.apple.com/java/text/download.html#sdk. Get the Clark files from http://www.jclark.com/xml/xt.html, or direct anonymous FTP from ftp://ftp.jclark.com/pub/xml/xp.zip and ftp://ftp.jclark.com/pub/xml/xt.zip.Windows is easiest if you have Internet Explorer 5.0, and then use the XT for Windows EXE file (also at http://www.jclark.com/xml/xt.html). You can get IE 5 by selecting IE5 and your operating system at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/. Click for more detailed instructions.

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