Original Table
of Vedavid Resources

Revised site note 1/26/10: This page is left as it was originally with minor modifications to font and background color for ease of reading. The new site launch is available here. Navigation links at the bottom follow the original old pathways through the site.

The table below was the primary interface for the previous incarnation of Vedavid, from August 1997 to August 1998. It is still useful and it represents both the resources and "spatial"* arrangement of the site's various resources and features. There are two main dividions, the academic and the "personal".

Within the academic, the two electronic texts--Rig Veda and Shatapatha BraahmaNa--are presented with detailed indexes of their links. Some of the incarnation of the site, prior to August 1997, which was uploaded in October of 1996 is also still accessible. The biographical section includes a brief automated slide show, with some sound, of a few pictures from a recent trip to India, biographical data, and samples of previous web experiments.

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Credits Experience Resources Dissertation
Slide Show
Childcare &
the UI's efforts
Original frames interface Abstract & HTML Methodology:
Previous Experiments
The old
Site's Map
Old Informal
RV ---&--- ShB
Links between
the RV and ShB
ShB Index
by BraahmaNa
RV text
FTP site for E-texts
Linked to Database
Early RV terms
Term Clusters
Diss Chapters
New experiment with mantra's and sound
analysis. Click here. It loads fairly quick (66k & 68k) and offers new possibilities.
Three-dimensional, interractive vedi (altar) of the Agnihotra ritual,
but spec's and browsers changed, so Netscape 3.04 for Win95 (not 4.0) is the only sure bet.


*. --at least . . . conceptually if not virtually!