There used to be a large graphic outlining the entire site spacially. Well, it loaded slow, worked slow--when it worked--and was generally a pain. So, less flashy but more effective, these links will work. For nostalgia's sake, you can see the "old site" by clicking here.

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RV Verse list
RV Word Link for study of Self Terms
Shatapatha index
Shatapatha Introduction
Indological Links and Technical Resources
A tribute to the visionary 1971 cyber-pioneers
Standard Dissertation Overview
Aufrech RV Pages
Simple Talk
An early page--the second or third I even made, with a bit of Indological history--a slow loader, but interesting

General Introductory--some of the old fun stuff {;-)}:

General Dissertation Theme Simple Talk
Simple View
The old first page, just because I like it

Bio Section:

Bio Home Page
Bio Story
UI Homepage
Asian Languages & Literature
International Education
Simple Talk

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