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Revised site note 5/1/10: This page is left as it was originally with minor modifications to font. The links it contained are updated somewhat as listed below. The new Academy information is available from their new site which is available here. Navigation links throughout this page follow the original old pathways through the site.

The Academy, not unlike this section of Vedavid, remains under development. They have a multitude of projects under way which promise generations of scholars and individuals alike an ongoing resource of Vedic literature, lore, learning, and life. A sample of these resources is included here:

The slide show photos came from a stay that I spent here, in the hills above Mysore, at the village of Melkote. Aside from temples dating back 1200 years, they have an impressive library of manuscripts (with a wonderfully broad selection of text genres), a garden of purely Vedic plants, livestock carefully bread to recapture the characteristics described of early Vedic herds, peace, quiet, and powerful team of software specialists. All these resources contue to be developed along careful lines of Vedic tradition and practice. The expressed intent of the Academy, apart from each specific project, is to preserve and cultivate the living legacy of the Vedas, beyond text-recitation only, for future generations

The Academy & its Site

At Melkote, the Academy of Sanskrit Research exists on ground donated in part by the government of India. The project survives on dedication and patron support. The grounds contain a growing cultivation of plants listed in the Veda's, some are among the few such species in India. Down the road an effort is made to raise lifestock strictly according to the standards in the shrutii.
Several buildings are already complete, including the site of the Director's office and computer laboratory (see below), the manuscript library (shown here), and quarters where guests can stay. This is all set amidst the gardens mentioned above and the scenary of the hilltop.
The grounds contain numerous temples, such as those shown elsewhere in this
website As well as the Academy's own web site.

Computer Research Laboratory

In this laboratory, scholars at the center are perfecting a number of projects utilizing existing algorithms in PaaNinian Vyaakarana and other VedaaN^ga's to recapture the power and majesty of ancient Indian linguistics. Several projects are partially complete (see below), and can be investigated by care of Dr. Tatatachar, the director. NOTE (5/1/2010): I've been unable to reach the director for sometime, if you reach him or the current director, please email me at the links below so I can update the contact info and follow up with them. Some components allow direct analysis nominal declensions, verbal inflection, and so forth.

Shaabdabodha & the Sanskrit Language Processing Database

You can review an outline of these projects by clicking
here, NOTE (5/1/2010): this was back in 1997 that this was a project .... The page contains a large GIF image of the project outline, which would have slowed the loading of this page too much. Some components allow direct analysis nominal declensions, verbal inflection, and so forth.

To learn more, contact their director: : M.A.LaksmiTatachar or the current director

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