Documents Viz. Vedic Accent and Unicode


This page is a place-holder for links to documents pertaining to ongoing efforts to propose the inclusion of Vedic accent, most agreeably encapsulated in Annex G of ISCII 1991, in Unicode. This page is a set of pointers. Its administrator offers this as a service and does not take rhetorical responsibility* for all content linked herefrom.

PDF on issues and
Sanskrit on Computers
by ***, made available by
Christopher John Fynn
PDF on "Encoding
Vedic Accents
in the UCS"
Discussion, code table, names
by Michael Everson
ISCII Annex G PDF Short points on
Shatapatha Brahmana
Very Limited summary
Jihvamuliya/Upadhmaniya Usage List Prepared by Dr. Anthony P. Stone

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* . . er, that means I'm not doing this just to argue about it.