You will not find me among those who believe the days of pen & paper are over. There will likely be more computer-served courses, innovations, and changes. Call it devil's advocacy, but the tone and tenor of classic reading and writing is the only flavor for participating in the Net's growth. The Asian Classics Input Project, the work of thInternational Buddhist Research & Information Center , Text Encoding Initiative, all attest to the care required for digitizing texts.

All such aids, however, are best realized as expediters in conventional searches. Limited relevance publications have more than killed the relevance of the Humanities in the eyes of the fiscal world. It is up to the web-weavers to revive the glory of the Humanities and its relevance through frontier exploration, and quality sweat.

As with one of the most beautiful languages in the world, the text created by hand and written so cannot be replaced for its raw immediacy. It is an act of faith to write in any medium, faith in the medium, in one's control of it, and in the progress/stagnancy over time of ideas themselves.

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