The Development of the Notion of the Self in Vedic India: Online Forum
or 'virtual brahmodya'

This form is designed to enable you to make response comments and evaluate the online dissertation material. A common point of discussion about Electronic Theses and Dissertations is the importance of peer review for Internet publication. As a suggestion to this concern, I offer the Vedavid Dissertation Forum listserve. A listerve where posts will be limited to short two-screen messages germane to the study of the self in Vedic India.

Scholars are invited to join this discussion or "virtual brahmodya". All psts are archived at a searchable portion of Vedavid for future reference. As sections of the dissertation are discussed, I include links to the relavent posts from the text so that the dissertation is always "live linked" to peer discussion and debate.

Indicate the subtopic of interest which prompts your question/participation (use the "?" buttons within the text itself to identify what section you're in) and note your question:

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