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This page is simply to help you explore. The why's, wherefore, introductions, how-to's and all manner of other material (right at 2,000 files!) are found once you know how to do what the next sentence and picture tell you. There is a great demo/highlight page for the dissertation even if you're not a Vedic scholar-- or even for the non-academic/technical interest, or the curious.

In General: The two sections of the screen are the navigation bar at the bottom, and the main content window above (Click the picture to start your tour):

In the case of clicking some buttons, new windows will open up in order to let you look at more things at once without leaving the main window (this help window is such a window) some windows include simple choices for going to new locations (some may open up LARGE and have only two buttons, but don't worry, just choose anyway):

Remember you can always close any window (and you might want to if you don't have a lot of memory) by clicking in the upper right corner (the "X") for Windows, and upper left corner for the MacIntosh.

  • Buttons? What Buttons?: You may not have the right software. Go to the "Help" menu at the top of your screen. Click on it and choose "About . . . " This tells you what browser you have. If it is anything with a 2.x or lower, you need new software. I recommend older--but fully tested (better than the new stuff in some cases)--and adaptible to this project, and gentler on older machines with less memory.

    Netscape 3+ Windows 95+

  • Error 404/File Not Found: Probably a link to a "live" Internet site. Try again on a machine hooked to the Internet. If it still fails, mea culpa. You may contact me: John Robert Gardner, Ph.D., NR-EMT
  • Running out of Memory: Try closing some windows: by clicking in the upper right corner (the "X") for Windows, and upper left corner for the MacIntosh.
  • Big Window/Very Little there: That's okay-- it's probably the dissertation button you pushed, and it's big to fit . . . well, to fit a whole dissertation without opening another window.

Go to the websites the files in the MacIntosh directory on the harddrive to install after you quit your current browser. Can't find it? go to the upper right of your screen, click and pull down to choose Finder, then double-click the CD as where to look, and double-click on "MacIntosh" and you should see the directory that contains the browser installation files).

Install whichever file (Netscape or Internet Explorer by choosing Start/Run/Browse and go to your C:/harddrive and pick the Windows95 folder and whichever browser installer you want (here's how the browse window looks, and note the pull-down for selecting the C: drive:

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