Purely for Fun

If you're like me, when you work youlike things to inspire, give you achuckle, or just make sure you're still breathing. So, with little ceremony, here's some of my favorites (to be added to after I finish the real work on this site!).

  1. Mr. Spock's immortal proclamation of "pure energy."
  2. For altogether different reasons--though some of the same ones that it's here--The Lone Ranger
  3. Ever notice how Richard Nixon sounds like a parent scolding children when he praises Armstrong and Aldrin on the Moon?
  4. And did you know that Apollo 11 was broadcasting incomprehensible signals for over 1/2 hour on the return from the moon? Houston was concerned.
  5. Inspirationally speaking, you gotta like Ed Harris' take on the NASA flight director's timeless demand in the Apollo 13 crisis (by the way, I saw that launch live--something about 13's, I was born on Friday the 13th too).
  6. And I made this little desk animation in Strata Studio Pro for reasons which, beyond this gizmo page, escape me now.

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