Electronic-textnology & Scholarly Research:
An Advanced Seminar in Theory and Practice

3 credit hours for the pilot group of ABD's in advanced stages of dissertation writing in the theory and technology of electronic research in the Humanities. The ABD's will be primarily composed of those student chosen for the ETD pilot group for submission in Spring '99. On-campus experts will be guest lecturers. This plan serves a threefold purpose, beyond providing ongoing technical support for the electronic dissertation design and creation process:

  1. Methodological theory viz. e-text technology (e.g., Landow, post-modern thinkers, narrative issues--Ricoeur--and text issues). David Klemm and Brooks Landon have agreed to guest in this area.

  2. Technical know-how-- 3-6 sessions in the Info-arcade regarding making and manipulating e-texts for research. These will then be offered to faculty on the dissertation committees for the pilot group with specific emphasis upon how to effectively read and use an ETD in the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format.

  3. Disciplinary development-- design and creation of Document Type Definitions specific to each student's discipline to serve as Standard General Markup Language (SGML) Document Type Definitions (DTD's). These Document Type Definitions will comply with eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specifications both for their dissertation area and to initiate development of discipline-specific DTD's. The DTD will be coupled with a short introductory paper, designed for analogue publication and online dissemination. Lee McIntyre has agreed to guest viz. e-texts as data-resources and meta-narratives of semiotic associations.

ABD's will apply for tuition scholarships (to be advertised via DEO lists, FYI, the DI and various electronic e-mail lists on campus) for the seminar. Admittance to the seminar will be prioritized for those Graduates chosen for the ETD pilot group.

Application Guidelines
for Pilot Group of Electronic Dissertations
for Submission in 1999

A group of 10 to 15 ABD's, in the advanced stages of writing their theses, will be chosen based upon their applications to submit in electronic format. Criteria for application are listed below, but must be ultimately predicated upon complete acceptance (in writing, must accompany application, see attached) of their submission in electronic format by their dissertation committee.

Those selected will register for and attend the Research and Electronic-textnology Seminar (tuition covered as part of the selection award) for 2 credit hours. A small upgrade scholarship is also part of the award for each student chosen to facilitate access to materials (software, Zip drive, memory, etc.) to aid the preparation of the electronic dissertation (e.g., tuition + $500.00).

Initial and final dissertation submissions will follow the current Graduate College Calendar, but will be done electronically. Instructional colloquia will be offered for committee members.

Application Guidelines and Requirements