Revised site note 2/3/10: This page is left as it was originally with minor modifications. The page was meant as a quick look for the non-specialist at various points and views on my 1998 dissertation, "The Developing Terminology for the Self in Vedic India." The new dissertation interface as part of this revamped site launch is available here. Navigation links throughout this page follow the original old pathways through the site, and pop open new windows.

From here you can sample one of several contributions which this dissertation makes. It is designed to showcase both the findings and content of the original research as well as the technology by which the research was conducted and is presented. The more colorful animations are quite memory intensive and are specifically designed for my own demonstrations and those who have received a CD-ROM copy of this entire site. More information on this as well as how to join the online debate list serve are available.

For different levels of interest, I offer some suggestions of where to begin: