Rg Veda, Zatapatha BrAhmaNa, BRhadAraNyaka UpaniSad

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When this site was first built in 1995 it formed the online basis for the research I was doing for a dissertation--also online--about the developing terminology of the self in early Vedic. Having electronic texts was essential to tracking some 15 terms across the RV in the chronological order of the text's evolution.

Due to early technological limits (e.g., dial-up modems!) this site was convoluted and hard to navigate. Therefore, in the links at left I've made quick per-passage direct access by citation possible in addition to converting the texts to XHTML to better enable others' use of them. There are additional texts now available, including Lubotsky's Rig Veda, an online Monier-Williams, and Taittiriya texts which will be released pending proper access control and permissions.

The original e-texts were reworked from Winfred Lehman and H. S. Ananthanaraya's 1971 project funded by the NEH. There is an introductory explanation of each text and its diacritic scheme provided as the first link for each text. The Shatapatha BrAhmaNa has cross-links to the Rg Veda indicated by asterisks next to the respective SB citations in the menu. The previous SB-to-RV index is preserved here, and the reverse are here.

While other online resources now exist, this is something of a labor of love and of respect for these resources and the many scholars who have contributed to them. Please respect internet copyright considerations if you use these texts.

To look up a passage, simply use the cascading menu at the left (note: some larger sections over-fill the vertical browser space, use your mouse roller or arrow keys to see the remaining hymns if they've dropped below the viewable frame):