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No, the children in the photograph are not "mine"--true. But then, that's part of the attitude which keeps responsible adult-child relationships in the dark. Politicians claim the children aren't those of the taxpayers and shouldn't be supported. Others say that a student is a student, and a parent is a parent: any combination of the two is no one's responsibility but the student/parent. The contributions of every person, in any field, to the world around them are part of the care of children.

Childcare at the UI has along history which deserves it's own homepage. At the turn of this century, the UI pioneered work in Child Development and behavioral research. In addition, it's current system of Childcare centers is among the nation's leaders in accreditation, cost-efficiency, and student support.

At the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, an ongoing grant program continues to provide all-important seed-money for new initiatives in child-related research. The Center for Advanced Studies Spellman-Rockefeller Child Research Grants (CASSPR) fund anywhere from 3-8 new projects a year. Over the last decade, several million dollars in follow-up research grants, public and private, have arisen from CASSPR studies. CASSPR grants have examined speech development, health conditions, behavioral issues, child abuse prevention, and so forth.

There remains a continued need to go forward on these and other child-welfare-related projects. The UI administration has proven itself a strong supporter in these areas and many programs can serve as a model to other institutions. If you are interested in these programs, please write to UI Childcare Centers.

For my own part . . .

As I came to know the work and dedication of the Childcare community, and the issues and obstacles it faced, it was impossible to ignore the importance of visionary planning for this growing coalescence of family and professional life.

I've worked to assist childcare for several years at Iowa for the simple reason that the philosophy of the Childcare Centers is visionary. Childcare is still an issue of consciousness, making people aware of it not as another fiscal burden but a productive addition to any work or institutional environment. You don't have to be a parent to contribute, or wealthy to help out. Childcare works best in a community of volunteers, friends, and supporters of all kinds. Iowa has made this its own science.

Positive, mentally stimulating care for children makes stronger family time when parents aren't working, and give the parent peace of mind in their days' work--making this more productive as well. Structured activities, innovative play materials, international culture, and amazing budget wisdom have made childcare at Iowa a grassroots study in the folklore of activism.

Until the rest of this site and the fascinating history of grassroots building of an accredited childcare system is presented here, check out this source of links:

ACS: Parents' Resource

The team at the UI began over 25 years ago with a sit-in at a university house which eventually became their first center. Click here (**soon**) for some memorable moments.

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