Revised site note 2/3/10: This page is left as it was originally with minor modifications to font and updated online text links. This page was part of the original frames interface, left completely untouched. The new site launch is available here. Navigation links throughout this page follow the original old pathways through the site.

Here are a few basic points for getting additional texts to view online or download. Experiement with them, but bookmark the current screen, or you may loose the frames interface. The Shatapatha, RV, and Nirukta, as well as some swell archive tools, are available by using your file menu and "Save as", or right-clicking on the item and doing the same. Depending on demand, a zip file is available by contacting me. Other texts are available here from the Indology Page's Virtual Archive of Indological texts. The --former-- Jaguar page contains many texts, and tools for encoding/using them. Additional Sanskrit Documents have been beautifully created at Brown University

There are many more links, and these can be followed through this window. Be sure and bookmark the main frames page before leaving any of the destinations above!