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Sun Systems Knowledge Repository for Information Technology
Sun Systems Knowledge Repository for Information Technology

Users from any division can begin with terminology for business processes as they know it, form a query, scope the terminology for a target division if desired (e.g., attribute in UML as opposed to attribute in XML), and have their query transformed into the language and logical structure of the target division. This can also be interfaced visually with SVG and Topic Maps for linking. Results allow another division's data to be transformed for use and access in most any preferred format (all derived and possible through the central UML model). This enables Sun business processes to be accessed and their data integrated in a component-like modular fashion, a sort of internal b2b api. This can be tied, in turn, with industry standards like UDDI (Universal Description for Discovery and Integration), a b2b mapping maintainable in XMuLator, for Sun business process to interface with outsourcers, for instance.

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