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A conceptual model of the methodology for the language of architecture
language of architecture methodology model

Working from a "neutral" (non-industry-specific, or otherwise generalized) starting definition, or working definition, allows differences in terminology usage to appear more readily. The Oxford English Dictionary furnishes one such working definition source. The frequently-noted contrasts and differences in terms such as "application," "class," or "attribute" become mappable meaning points, using UML association modelling. The mappings are stored in a database of generalized representations that can be used as points of access to real data, and for correlation of legacy data in a data warehouse. XML standards like Resource Description Framework (RDF) for metadata and link databases with XML Topic Maps (XTM) provide the navigability of a working language of architecture. Uses of the system feed back in recorded links, wherein uses are tracked and related links updated to where the system can augment itself via use. Queries are data.

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