Different Vedi's for Different Vid's

Revised site note 1/26/10: This page is left as it was originally with minor modifications to font and background color for ease of reading. VRML was new and sexy, and I did a lot of work with it, but --as with many things in the internet, VRML was not to prevail. If you find a way to make the .wrl files work, PLEASE email me!! As a consolation, I do still have a video I made of a flyover of the alter, you can see that here with QuickTime. It takes a few seconds to load. The original altar was fully interactive in its day ... sigh ... For more fond memories on VRML and further information, go here. Navigation links at the bottom follow the original old pathways through the site.

Well, Microsoft preferred absolute links, Netscape "relative links-- you needn't know any more than which browser you're using. Pick and Click below. Cosmo should work with either.

		#Internet Explorer Vedi
		#Netscape Vedi

	If you close the 3d, it has to relaod all over again.
	BEST BET: After it downloads, choose "save file" under
	your file menu, then run it from your hard drive: 
		NOTE:Only one copy of VRML Vedi may be
			downloaded- it may not be further 
			copied or reproduced without my

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